You can use this participatory platform to leave your comments to predefined topics and let us know what you think about that. The posts will not be pre-screened by the Moderation.

The following rules are in place in order to ensure a constructive exchange for all participants. Upon infringement of these rules, the moderation may partially or entirely retract posts. Users may be blocked from the platform when they infringe upon the Dialogue Rules multiple times. 

1. Objective, truthful and respectful

Formulate your posts objectively, truthfully, and respectfully. Rely on the strength of your arguments rather than on false suppositions or statements. Respect the opinions of the other participants, even when they are different from your own. Insults, threats, swearwords, and racist, sexist, pornographic, or otherwise inflammatory language is not allowed. 

2. Clarity of Speech 

Formulate your posts as clearly and directly as possible. The shorter and preciser your posts are, the more likely it is that others will read them. In order to prevent misunderstandings, refrain from ambiguous statements, irony, sarcasm, or other forms of “hidden” humor. 

3. Staying on Topic

An online-dialogue is not the goal in itself – rather, it should facilitate a productive discussion of the topics at hand. For this reason, please refrain from writing posts that to do adhere to the topic.

4. No „Vielschreiberei“ (Excessive Posts)

Please refrain from writing monologues. Allow the other participants a chance to participate and try to not dominate a discussion with excessively long posts. Do not post the same or similar suggestions or questions multiple times. 

5. Anonymity and Registration 

When you do sign-up, please do not select an offensive username, and do not assume the identity of someone else. Multiple registrations of the same person are not allowed, and could result in the blockage of all related accounts. Registered accounts with email addresses that are no longer active may also be blocked by the moderation. 

6. Personal Data

Do not publish the personal data of yourself or anyone else. For your own interest, be careful not to distribute your email address, mail address, or other contact information in your posts or comments. 

7. Sources, Links, and Advertisements

Always try to include a citation when referencing other sources so that other participants can more clearly follow your argument. When posting link(s) to a citation, please keep all dialog rules (especially Rule 1) in mind. Advertisements for commercial products, services, and unrelated private internet sites are not allowed. 

8. License and Copyright

The CC BY-license applies to all participant-generated content. This means that all posts can be distributed elsewhere so long as the username of the original poster and the URL is included. Please do not post any content that you do not have the right to distribute. The participants are responsible for reviewing these rights.  

9. Applicability of the Dialog Rules

The given rules apply as a rule to the entire online dialogue. The moderation reserves however the right to revise or expand upon the rules in justifiably exceptional situations. Any revisions to the dialogue rules on this platform will be made public and substantiated. The dialogue rules apply to all participants equally. 

10. Critique of the Dialog Rules

When you have suggestions or comments regarding the process, the dialog rules, or the moderation of the platform, please send an email to the Moderation: 

How we moderate

The moderation of the online dialogue follows a series of principles which are outlined in the following:

1. The Role of the Moderation

The moderation is neutral! The moderation is committed to ensuring the production and protection of a constructive dialogue and is not there to present their personal opinions. 

2. Informing Participants

When possible, the moderation will inform a participant if their post is not published. The decision will be explained to the participant and they will be given the chance to make the necessary edits for their post to be published. Participants will only be blocked after being given a first warning explaining their violation of the rules.

3. Alteration of Content

It will be made transparent when a post is edited by the moderation. When possible, the moderation will instead ask the participant to make any necessary edits themselves. 

4. Organization and Tagging of Posts

When posts are distributed to a specific category or are otherwise tagged, the moderation may change these categorizations when they are falsely applied or when the tag is grammatically incorrect. 

5. Moderators are Human

Mistakes and misunderstandings are human, and this applies to the moderators as well. Please have sympathy for this and do not hesitate to contact us when a mistake or otherwise has been made.
You can contact us directly via 
Your contact for the moderation is: Sarah Ginski
The dialog rules outlined here are protected by the CC BY-license; The author is Zebralog GmbH.